Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A New Appreciation For Water

Recently our son was replacing the water pipes to our house and had to turn off our water for 24 hours. I had some jugs filled with water and tea, some hand sanitizer, and I was prepared. Or so I thought. But as it turns out, I had no idea I used so much water during the course of one day! I had some water for drinking. But even if I wanted to make more tea, or powdered milk, or lemonade, I needed water. I had prepared a way to cleanse my hands, but when I went to prepare lunch, I couldn't rinse the strawberries or the celery. Preparing dinner was going to be interesting also. No boiling of anything! Of course I couldn't wash dishes, or do laundry. I couldn't wash the car, either, or water the garden. I couldn't even really work too hard in the garden, because I would get very sweaty and dirty and want a shower. Exercising could get pretty sweaty, too, come to think of it! As each hour in the day passed, I seemed to think of a new use for the water I didn't have. When my husband got home and took me to Wal-Mart to buy some jugs of water to flush the toilet with, I couldn't help thinking of the many other countries where water isn't so easily obtained, let alone clean and safe. I've been surrounded by abundant water all my life, to swim in, bathe in, drink and enjoy in any way I wanted. But after this experience, I won't soon take it for granted again.

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Louise said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and leaving such lovely comments. I have put you on my friends list in my sidebar. It is funny, as I was only talking about water bills with my step-dad yesterday. He is on a meter, so he is very careful and because he is by himself and has a minute garden, he doesn't use much. Us on the other hand aren't on a meter and use it as we please, although I do collect rainwater around the garden. You are so right with how we all take being able to turn on the tap for water for granted, and it is not until we haven't got it, that we realise this fact, we are very lucky. x

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