Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Childhood Sweethearts

Someone (I can't remember who!) suggested we post pictures of ourselves and our honeys when we were little. I thought that was a sweet idea, so here we are. I am about a year old. I thought it appropriate that I had a spoon in my mouth! And judging from that smile, I'll bet it had a bit of chocolate on it. My husband is around 3 or 4 - isn't he handsome?!? We got married young (I was barely 18 and he'd been 20 for 3 days!), but we've been married nearly 30 years, so all those people who thought we were TOO young can quit worrying - we're still crazy about each other! I would love to see other people's childhood photos!


Ragged Roses said...

Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing them. You make a very handsome couple


This is a great idea, I love old photographs. I only have one photo of J, not sure he would want it on the blog, a rather dodgy haircut! I shall have to see if I can borrow another one from his mum sometime? You both look very cheeky in your photos, a perfect match! x

Abiding said...

Oh, cute pictures! You write about a lot of things that interest me so it will be fun to read through your blog. I really like the moths down below! :) You are in S. Fl? I bet you have all sorts of interesting wild life! ~Leslie

daffy said...

Aww look at you two! Sweet! Your husband is a very handsome chap with a glint in his eye. I too was a young bride, meeting my husband when I was 18 and married by 20, still together, almost 20 years now! I think it's because of the hard work put into a relationship and the 'want' to make it work. :o)

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