Friday, May 16, 2008

Mother-Daughter Banquet

I went to the coolest Mother-Daughter banquet I've ever been to recently! The small, rectangular church fellowship hall was transformed by rich tapestries, colorful cloths, candles, flowers, scarves and rugs into a Persian banquet hall for The Feast of Esther. Young girls in colorful, flowing costumes glided and twirled about the room, visiting booths where they could create crowns for themselves, paint their or their mother's nails, and don pipe-cleaner tiaras. There were games stressing poise and beauty, as well as a hilarious beauty contest where more than one normally mild-mannered woman showed off some amazing dance moves! Soon the women were seated at long tables surrounding the girls, who were shown to low tables with large pillows to sit on. Two hard working husbands, pressed into service as manservants, served trays of grapes, flat bread, feta cheese and olives. There was challah bread in baskets, and salad. The water goblets were kept filled from crystal pitchers, and bowls of a delicious apricot chicken and rice dish were thoroughly enjoyed. After the meal, as dessert was served, a young girl began telling the Bible story of Esther. As we enjoyed our sherbet and soft fig cookies, we also participated in the interactive story, cheering for Esther and Mordecai and booing so the name of Haman, the villain, could not be heard.

Everyone had a lovely time, and I was especially impressed since I knew who had done the work and what a small budget they had. They cooked the food themselves, and used sheets and rugs and scarves from home for the decorations. It was such a lovely, girly day. This was a true labor of love, and I was pleased to enjoy it with my mother.

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thedailydish said...

WOW, what a lovely job they did!! I used to love Mother-Daughter banquiets w/ my mom when I was a kid. They never looked THIS good!!

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