Monday, May 19, 2008


My son got me a movie for Mother's Day, called "Bella," that I had never heard anything about. But I have reason to trust my son's taste, so that night my husband and I watched it. It was wonderful, and I can heartily recommend it. I can't tell a lot about it, it is better if it unfolds naturally, but I can say there is a young man who is a very good soccer player, until a tragedy occurs, and there is a young woman who finds herself pregnant, to her dismay. Then a story unfolds that is worth the telling. There are two small things that took a moment to get used to. One was that even though this is a movie without foul language, it does have a lot of conversation in Spanish, so you have to read the English if that is all you speak. Also, it does jump around some, but you quickly get oriented, and it is somewhat necessary to the story.

Another thing, though not a flaw, is that this is an adult movie. Now, by that I do NOT mean what passes for "adult" now - i.e. for immature jerks who ought to be old enough to know better. Instead this is a story for real adults, mature, responsible people. There is no sex, bad language, or cruel behavior. It does have real love, family, and compassion. But still it is not for children. If you choose to watch it with a spouse or friend, I think you will be glad you did. Then, after you watch it, google it and read some of the interviews with the writer or actor, which will reveal things that enrich it even more.


daffy said...

I like a recomendation. :o) I'll have a look for it at the weekend. I've been watching a few films lately. I don't normally 'find' the time but over the weekend and last night I have managed to notch up GI Jane which I do love... not sure why but I think it might be one of the Navy Seals :o) Regarding Henry... 1991 was when I last watched this film. My daughter and I watched it last night and I did enjoy it. The other film is Angel Eyes, I am a bit soppy and I think my 'Navy Seal' was in this film too. I should google him and find out his name!
A really good review... I'll be back.
If you don't mind sub titles and you haven't seen it yet, I highly (very highly) recommend Tsotsi.

Rosezilla said...

Thank you, Daffy, I haven't seen any of these films, and I will check into all of them. We get Netflix, which is the greatest thing since peanut butter and sliced bread combined - so it will be easy. We don't like regular tv much but we do love movies! I am usually reluctant to recommend them because we have a "foul language filter" so there are some we love, but wouldn't with all the language intact!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Thanks for the review - sounds like a lovely film. I will have to look our for it at our Video shop.

Philigry said...

oh, i will have to watch this. it sounds like my kind of movie!

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