Thursday, May 29, 2008

Another "Four Sisters" Poem

(Here's another poem I wrote about the same four sisters. This is in a totally different style, about a hat they all like to wear.)

Hat Trick

I like the way that
I look in this hat.
I'm stunning,
Don't you agree?
The trouble is,
Well, gee whiz,
The hat isn't yet for me.

Every Sunday for church
I see Annabelle perch
The hat on her
Flowing brown tresses.
I'd love to wear it to my class
But I'll have to let it pass,
Though it looks better with all my church dresses!

Nancy went in style
To her piano recital,
The little hat
Proudly she wore.
I'd have played better somehow
With the hat on my brow,
But I'll just have to wait some more.

There's to be a birthday bash, you see -
Miranda's wearing the haberdashery.
She'll look regal nibbling her cake.
I could probably win a prize
With the hat above my eyes.
How long will this growing up take?

Serena is my name,
And, well, the day finally came
To wear the cunning little hat
I so adored.
So I'm sitting on my bed
With the hat upon my head -
And I'm bored.

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