Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holidays and Baseball

Now that Halloween is behind us, is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? I love Thanksgiving. The family, the feasting, and the special time to all give thanks to God for His incredible blessings.

We had a wonderful visit with our son and daughter in law. They are very happy newlyweds. We really enjoyed watching the World Series together too. Our new daughter in law really knows her stuff as she played the position of catcher on her college softball team, and she added interesting color commentary. She is rooting for NY and I am rooting for the Phillies, so that made it fun, too. I like a lot of the Yankee players, though. It is a friendly rivalry. I try not to miss the World Series; it is the one sporting event I always try to make sure to see. It is funny how many connections I have to different family members, old and new, through baseball. My first real memory of watching baseball was with my Grandmother, who loved the Cincinnati Reds.

It is that wonderful season of holiday celebrations, family time, worship and incredible food! Enjoy!


Protege said...

So glad you enjoyed the short, but precious time spend with your son and his wife.;)
I know very little about baseball.;) But I sure do miss the Thanksgiving celebrations. The first few years back in Europe felt very odd; it was as if someone has taken away Christmas.;)

Cherie said...

So glad you had a really fun visit with your son and DIL - You all sound like a super baseball family!
I am a Giants fan myself (I know don't laugh too hard) but I grew up in the SF bay area so they will always be my team!
I am also so happy that Thanksgiving is on its way. It is a wonderful time of the year.

Cherdecor said...

I grew up close to Cincinnati so I heard a lot about them, however, I never developed an interest in them. My brothers were all into sports, and hunting in particular.

I love Thanksgiving. I noticed that the grocery store put on sale all the fall candy to get rid of it and stocked their shelves with Christmas candy thus skipping Thanksgiving. They do it every year. There must be a reason. Hmmmm! That's okay because I bought a ton of it on sale for Thanksgiving! Hahahaha!

Connie said...

I know you had a great visit! My mother watches the World Series religiously! Me...not so much!
Hope your team wins/won???

daffy said...

Baseball just passes me by! I know nothing of it... I know you all seem to like the little game lots! (hehehe)
So pleased you had good times with the newly weds! She seems to be a welcome addition to the family!

Sassy Granny ... said...

This is, by far, my favorite time of year. I can't define any one thing that makes it so; just the air makes me smile. It's a season rich in possibilities!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love Thanksgiving. I think it's my favorite holiday because it still hasn't become too commercial.

Susan said...

I love the fall/winter holidays too - it's the months after them that are hard! Glad you got to have a nice visit with the newlyweds. I remember your photos of the wedding - it seems very recent!

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