Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Knights and Door Knobs

My youngest son spent the long weekend in Ocala at a King's Coronation, as well as Carnivale. The Society for Creative Anachronism crowned the King of Trimaris and celebrated the new Queen's birthday. The SCA (linked here) basically is about all things medieval. Every winter there is a Medieval Faire, (where jousting is my favorite activity) - this is an extended version. Everyone dresses in period garb, and people feast, ride really big horses, dance at a Masque, have sword and rapier fights and tournaments, shop in booths full of handmade items, learn juggling, archery and knife throwing, and play a wild game of living chess. A very fine way to spend a weekend!

Meanwhile, hubby and I shopped at Lowe's for doorknobs and deadbolts. We were about to settle for the cheapie knobs when, in the ta-da, nick of time, we discovered an amazing sale on really primo ones. They had been $60 a piece, but because that brand is being discontinued in this store, they were going for $7.50 each. The "cheapie" ones we had been prepared to buy were $8.50! So we did good. These are heavy, solid brass, and very classy. Not to mention how much easier they were to install, according to hubby. Often Lowe's has clearance sales of unbelievable proportions, esp. on Sundays.


Sassy Granny ... said...

Well, it looks like you made it well past August and have kicked off September with gusto. I love your bargains! My kinda shopping, for sure.

Be blessed,

Sara said...

Now that's my kind of sale!

Protege said...

I LOVE; LOVE; LOVE Medieval festivals. There is one held here every August and it is the biggest one in Europe. I visited it last year and enjoyed it like crazy. In fact, I enjoy role playing and if I would ever get married, my wedding would have a Medieval theme.;))

Good going on the door knob sale, by the way.;))


Merle said...

Dear Tracie ~~ I am glad that you are back and feeling better. You have been missed. What a great bargain you got with the door knobs
Terrific. And I bet they look lovely.
I smiled at your son's version of statistics and how he varies the number each time. Glad your husband's grandmother. She must have been a remarkable woman. We never really feel our age and still feel young inside. Unfortunately I now do not feel very young since I turned 75 and have lost a lot of confidence, but
we plod along and things may improve. Take care, my friend,
Love, Merle.

Sweet Annabelle said...

I love beautiful knobs - great score for your home!

Thanks for popping over to my blog from Betsy's - it seems like we do share a few special experiences!

Looking forward to visiting your blog again,


Karen said...

My son was involved in the SCA for a few years and we always enjoyed the festivals. Met some of the nicest people.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Lowe's is one of our favorite hangouts, too:)

Mary said...

Hello Tracie!

I love those bargain tables that Lowe's carries now and then. We have found some great deals there as well.

I understand completely how certain months and time frames are difficult to get through. Where would we be without our faith? I struggle to get through certain things, and then I remember, we are not to worry, and all is in His plans and hands. We do what we can do best, this very moment.

Take care...glad you told me about your Conner Prairie visit.

Connie said...

I so want to go to a Medieval faire!!!

Glad you got some great knobs at a great price :)

louise said...

My goodness, you bagged a bargain with those knobs! We visited a Medieval Christmas Fair when we visited Cologne in Germany, and really enjoyed it. x

Susan said...

I love medieval/renaissance stuff!! Has your son been "into" that for a long time? And good for you finding such a bargain. I just love finding a deal! BTW - loved your tales about how you enjoyed writing as a child also ... too bad we weren't at the same school :)

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