Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Garden

Cielo at House in the Roses had a wonderful garden party this weekend! For a variety of reasons, I didn't get in on it in time, but I am certainly in the spirit of summer gardening, and I was inspired to share a little beauty from my part of the world.

On these flawless summer days with pink, cotton candy clouds
Even the frogs are dancing!
These hang out near the new hibiscus plants. We have a red one, a pink-and-white double, and this beautiful yellow with crimson and white heart.
The crepe myrtle is finally getting in on the action
And these purply-pink stripy things are shooting stalks of flowers in to the air like fireworks!


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

That sky photo is gorgeous, as are your flowers.

Your frogs made me smile, and I needed a smile just now. Thanks.

Naturegirl said...

Your cottoncandy sky is gorgeous!!
I love your lilies that look and remind me of striped candy canes!
I have never seen this color!
I enjoyed this post.
Thank you for stopping by my Garden Party and viewing my Peonies!
Nice meeting you! :)NG

Sew Anyway said...

Lovely, just lovely. What a fabulous garden! I like the way you described the liles, just in time for celebrating the 4th.

Thank you for sharing pictures of your wonderful, happy garden. :0)

daffy said...

You sound like me describing the flowers! The colours are lovely. I do love those frogs, there seems to be alot of frogs about lately! :o)

nikkipolani said...

Very pretty blooms, Tracie. I like the crinkly look of the hibiscus petals!

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Thank you for adding me to your blog list. I will put you on mine too.

Merle said...

Hi BN ~~Glad you enjoyed the skipping diet joke. Thanks for your visit. Take care, Love, Merle,

thedailydish said...

I love love LOVE the FROGS!!!

Rosezilla said...

Thank you all for your kind comments. Yes, my hubby and I fell in love with the frogs -we told the boys the frogs represent us, dancing through life together, and we want one on each of our graves also!

So these are lilies, huh? I thought of you, Daffy, when I wrote the description - I was going to say "Ask Daffy what they are" but then I realized what you would say, so I just said that!

Cherdecor said...

I love your purply-pink stripy thingies! Are they ever gorgeous!

I wish I could grow Hibiscus! They smell so heavenly!

Your flowers are simply beautiful! Thank you for visiting my gardens.

Now I am off to read some of your other posts in order to get acquainted.

I see that you are in Florida. I am in Lancaster, PA. Glad to meet you!

Cheryl from Cherdecor

LOUISE said...

Lovely garden photos, I love the pink tinge to the cloud. I have a candlestick very much like your dancing frogs. I wonder whether they came from the same parents! x

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