Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Red, White and Blue, and Green All Over

Guess who's Red, White and Blue and green all over! My husband and I! We got our Economic Stimulus check and like good little patriots, we promptly spent it. What's more, we got a cordless electric lawn mower. It is green in every sense of the word, but that's not really why we got it. We got it because now that our sons have moved out, WE have to mow the lawn again, and since I always throw my back out trying to start a lawn mower, we decided to try something different. We got a Neuton 6.2 and it is fantastic! It came with a bagger, mulch tool, and another thing to just shoot everything out the side. That's the only thing we didn't like about it, actually, because it is hard to turn with it on, but the mulching tool works great. It also comes with a battery, of course, and the tools to remove the blades are "on-board" also. To mow, we just have to put the battery and the key in their respective slots, slide the switch over and up, and off we go. It's very comfortable to hold on to, the handle is taller than the gas mower, and you don't have all the heat and fumes either. There is still noise, but not as much. I found it easier to handle, and with a 19" cutting path, it cuts like a dream. Also, there isn't any gas or oil to worry with. Our yard isn't very big, but the battery is pretty powerful. For a big yard, you might want to buy an additional battery to have charged up in case one wasn't enough. I actually enjoy using this mower, so my yard's going to be looking a whole lot better this summer!


nikkipolani said...

Tracie, I've got one of these and LOVE IT (I have the older 4.5 version). Now, while I'm not officially the mower in my household, I can mow with this if I had to - no more yanking my shoulder out of its socket, no super noisy machine, no gas/oil, no heavy unwieldy thing. And the nice thing is that the customer support is superb. I was trying to attach the edger one Saturday morning and after several minutes on the sidewalk puzzling over the instruction book, I gave in and called their 800 number. A nice person on the other end explained patiently what to look for. Wonderful.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Congratulations. Don't you just love it when a purchase actually fills the need you bought it for? It seems like so many products turn out to be disappointments.

Thanks for the tip about flaxseed oil. I already take it because I'm allergic to fish and use it as my source of the good Omega fats. Any other tips you want to throw my way are more than welcome.

thedailydish said...

WOW, I LOVE your mower!! It's even green - my favorite color. Too bad we spent our check on a new TV. We need a mower and my buns could use the workout. Sigh...

CIELO said...

Congratulations on your purchase, and have a lovely lovely day


daffy said...

You are all Mower anoraks! lol Comparing which is the best model! I love it.
Having giggled a bit I must admit it really does look like a good mower. I need a new mower too! I think this is way forward... we could form a club!
The Neuton Girls! :o)
Good purchase Tracie! Every little helps and you are helping.
*whispers to Tracie* Someone who owns a Neuton 4.5 has a birthday tomorrow. Ssshhh don't tell her I told you. ;o)

Rosezilla said...

According to Wikipedia, I am either a rain jacket, or a bore with a dull hobby. Thanks, Daf! You can probably afford to scoff, but in this part of the country, mowers are a big deal, particularly in hot and wet season! We just got it out and played with it - er, I mean mowed - last night. I like the idea of the Neuton Girls - should we be the 4.5's or the 6.2's?

(whispers back) Roger Wilco on the birthday girl. Duly noted.

daffy said...

*huge smile and a laugh out loud*
a bore with a dull hobby is a little harsh. :o)
got it out??
Played with it???
oh! *phew* the mower... mowed.. thank goodness, erm I mean good for you! :o)

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