Monday, June 22, 2009

Update on Gates

My friend, Karrie, continues to post here about the adoption of her little son from China. After many obstacles, Paul is in China right now, patiently plodding through all the many steps of officially adopting his son. They have a Skype account set up, so Karrie can see her new son as he plays. He's adorable! She asks for continued prayer for the process, the trip home, and Gates' acclimation to his new family. Thank you all for your interest and prayers.


Sassy Granny ... said...

How wonderful!

My friend and office-mate just adopted two young children from Ethiopia (a brother & sister, 9 & 7). It's been amazing to watch the process from when it was little more than a vision, to all they went through to get these two "home". They've been here 6 months now are are thriving.

God bless your friends as they navigate this incredibly exciting, yet emotional course.


Betsy said...

How wonderful! Hope all goes well and they can bring him home soon! One of my good friends has adopted twice from China..a girl and a boy!

daffy said...

g through the red tape can be testing but I'm sure things will work out fine. Isn't technology amazing, how it can bring us closer to people who we are miles away from!
Continued Good Luck to them!

Susan said...

Technology can be so great - how cool that she can watch Gates playing! Although, it probably drives her nuts to not actually be there. I'm so happy for them and contiue to pray!

Connie said...

Great news! Will continue prayers on this end :)

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