Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'd Like to Thank My Producer, Caterer, My Mother...

A while back, I received this lovely award (above) from Sparky, having to do with how blogging makes us feel close to each other (Proximidade) and friends with people we may never meet, but get to know just the same.

About the same time I got the Lemonade Stand award from Sassy Granny, also in the name of friendship and community, and I think it is really cute.

Around Christmas, I collected the Christmas Award from Merle and Sparky, but I was supposed to say what I love about Christmas. Well, what's not to love about Christmas?! I love it all. The lights, the carols, the nativity scenes, the parties, the food (sugar, sugar, sugar!!!) - especially the way everyone is so loving and gentle and compassionate with everyone else. I was too busy enjoying it all to tell about it, but now you know, I'm big on Christmas! What could be better than celebrating the birth of our Savior? I think the award is really classy looking and pretty.

More recently, my friend Ruth passed on this Friendship Award, below. Isn't it darling? I love hearts. And friends!
I really like awards. They make me feel special and happy, and they make my blog look pretty. But I am dreadful at following all the rules, linking everyone, passing them on in a timely fashion, and getting them posted before the givers give up on me! So I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all my lovely friends who took the time to bestow these lovely awards on me. Please forgive me for not taking care of them in the manner in which they (and you!) deserve. And anyone who visits here who really, really likes one of them, I want you to have it, in the time-honored tradition of sharing the bloggy joy!

Thanks again!

Totally Random Update: 1)We are enjoying our bookcase. Our son lent us a couple of very cool display shelves for the other side, too! 2)After reading my football comments, my friend Ruth sent me a Woman's Guide to Football she wrote, with the basic basics, so now I have a "cheat sheet" to use during the game (I got it out this weekend when the announcer mentioned a blitz and I couldn't remember just what that was!) Ruth might be persuaded to publish this handy-dandy guide in time for the Super Bowl; let's encourage her to do that. Husbands everywhere will thank her! 3)I remembered the other anniversary destination we killed. Well, wounded, since it has since reopened. But there is a lovely little resort on Sanibel Island called "Song of the Sea," (isn't the very name beautiful???) where we went for almost a week to celebrate our 25th anniversary! Such a romantic, beautiful spot. Hurricane Charley put quite a hurtin' on it the summer after we were there. I know a lot of the trees have been destroyed entirely, which would definitely change the ambience. 4)As for the wedding photo I showed for our anniversary where I'm peeking out the door - I had heard my beloved's voice and laughter and had to sneak a peek! My mother made the dress, from a picture in a bridal magazine of a dress I wanted. Well, actually, my hubby to be chose it, which I thought was incredibly romantic! I don't know how she did it. She cobbled together a pattern out of other patterns and newspaper. It turned out beautifully. The veil was the one my mum-in-law-to-be had worn and she put new lace and, but it had her original orange blossoms... 5)Last but not least, I finished Pilgrim's Regress. It was pretty good, but I recommend reading C.S. Lewis' afterword FIRST because I think it helped with understanding it. Next, I am supposed to read, per my son's request, "The Great Divorce," also by Lewis. (Ok. It's over. You can go home now :)


Sassy Granny ... said...

I love the collection of accolades. And you're right, they really do add pizzaz to your site. No doubt you deserve them ... and many more besides!

Be blessed,

Technonana said...

Congrats on the award!! Thanks for the updates!! Gotta get"The Great Divorce, I love everything Lewis has written!

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Congrats and more accolades from this corner! Glad you're back blogging.
Sparky ♥ ∞

Susan said...

Congrats, you award-winner, you! Well-deserved too :) The Great Divorce is another one on my to-read list; I'll be anxious to hear your response.

Merle said...

Dear Rosezilla ~~ Congrats on the awards. It is nice to get them and
they add to our blog's looks. I meant to say how much I loved your bookcase - it looks great. Thanks for your comments and glad you like the jokes and also the thoughtful stories. My wishes for President Obama are very sincere, I hope he can make all the changes necessary for America to shine again and also the rest of the world. Take care,
my friend, Love, Merle.

daffy said...

Wow, Lucky you, they are all fabuslous awards! Very nice and very well deserved!
Bookcase looks Fab Tracie. x

daffy said...

Congrats on all of those lovely awards! They are lovely and well deserved!
I love the bookcase. x

daffy said...

Sorry - Tracie, I've spammed you. I hadn't realised you were moderating and thought I was being dizzy! :o) Please feel free to delete as required! xx

Rosezilla said...

Nope, I like 'em all, lol!

Linda said...

Congrats! I love the bookcase too..I think I mentioned it before too..Blessings

jenniferw said...

How charming! The story of how your wedding dress came to be is definitely uber-romantic! My hairdresser, an ex-Navy man who has been married to his lovely wife for 32 years, designed and sewed every stitch of his bride's ensemble, and selected/modified her accessories -- including her hat and shoes! I love to hear him tell about it; one would think it happened last week. He positively glows.

If you like those books, I think you would like A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken (he and his wife, who died very young, were friends of C.S. Lewis) and And God Came In, a biography of Joy Davidman Gresham Lewis, C.S. Lewis's wife. That reminds me of Shadowlands, one of my favorite movies ever! I love the music too.

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