Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cows Weather Tropical Storm Fay

I feel a little like the optimist that jumped from the 80-story building. At every floor, he yelled to his friends, "All right so far!"

We are fine. In the first place, Fay is a Tropical Storm, not a hurricane. Big difference. We are having some interesting gusts with copious amounts of sometimes horizontal rain. But the house isn't shaking, and our neighbor's roof shingles aren't peeling off, like in Wilma. The power was off for a while, but obviously, it's on now, here anyway. There are traffic lights out, power lines down, and debris like limbs and things in the roads, also flooded roads. But as I plan to stay put, that doesn't affect me at the moment.

It has been raining and blowing too hard to have the front door open, but we have a somewhat sheltered back porch, and if we sit far enough back we can watch the storm. While we were doing so, these poor cows came plodding across the sodden pasture. They looked so miserable we felt sorry for them, and my husband couldn't resist taking some video, which we sent in to the local t.v. station.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and good wishes, they mean a lot to me. YOU mean a lot to me! I am a little worried about my parents, who went to the East Coast in their RV, and are possibly getting this worse over there. Once I hear from them, I'll feel better. More later!


Cherdecor said...

Ha! Ha! I like your joke!

It looks like a good hard rain. We sure could use some of that rain up here.

I hope you don't experience any flooding. (into your house, that is)
I am sure there will be flooding. That creek behind you looks full.

Rosezilla said...

Ironically, that is not a creek - just a sort of retaining ditch that normally has no water in it at all!We shouldn't have flooding in to the house as our house is up off the ground some (not a stilt house, about 3 steps worth, don't really know how to explain it). Shall I send you some rain?

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

So glad it's less serious than anticipated.

Let us know about your parents.

Connie said...

Glad to hear you are just wet! I am sure all will be well with your parents!

daffy said...

I'd have to bring the cows in the house. I couldn't stand listening to the miserable moos.
I guess a tropical storm is wet and warm then?
Glad you are ok. :o)

Charli and me said...

It's good to hear you are OK. I also feel sorry for the animals that have to stay out doors in messy weather like that. I will say a prayer for your parents. I'm sure everything is all right. Keep us updated on them and the situation where you are.

Charli and me said...

I am so glad your parents are OK. Please stop by and pick up awards.

Sara said...

Hi Rosezilla....just catching up a bit on your blog. I watched this video with such longing for some RAIN....even a tropical storm (but definitely NOT a hurricane) here in our hot and dry and muggy part of Southern California....it was refreshing to see your rain.

I never imagined I'd be envious of cows! Ha ha!

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