Friday, August 22, 2008

Awards, Awards, and More Awards!

Look, beautiful awards! Carol at Charli and Me has the most fun blog, I love it and I bet you would too. And she's generous! She shared this Kreativ Blogger award with those who visit her blog regularly, which I am happy to do. I would like to pass this on to

Anne at Nikkipolani because she has a beautiful, creative blog for sure.

She also shared this award, called A Perfect Blend of Friendship, which is just darling and so appropo for the new friendships I am forming in blogland! Who knew there were so many lovely people in the world? This one goes to

Kathy at Destination Sanctification for being an instant and enduring friend!

Then there was this Tree of Happiness award. Notice, "It is scarcely a small plant, which depends on you to grow firmly and strongly. Plant it on your heart, water it with smiles and kindness, feel the aroma of it's flowers, savor the sweetness of it's fruits and protection under it's shade whom you love." And along with posting it, I am required to share 6 things I am happy about right now! The only hard thing about that is that there are so many more things to share! I think I'll do like those who are told they have 3 wishes are said to do - the first thing I am happy about is, all the bazillions of things that I am happy about! Here are some others...

1) The love and care of my precious Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ
2) My wonderful, amazing, talented, funny, loving, protective husband and sons
3) Being spared the wrath of Fay
4) New flooring throughout the house
5) Being surprised last night by my hubby, with tickets to the Percussion Summit!!! (More about that later)
6) New friends reaching out to me with a cyber hug, putting a smile on my face on a day when they don't even know how badly I needed it! (August 21st is a sad, melancholy day for me - let's just say for now that it is a memorial day. Finding out yesterday about these awards was - well, good timing)

This one I am sharing with Cheryl at Cherdecor for always looking on the positive side of things!

And last but not least, "I love your blog" award is from both Carol, my kind new friend whose blog I also love and from Louise, of Home is Where the Heart Is fame! Louise has such a wonderful blog and everybody loves her blog, so it was quite an honor to receive this from two such illustrious ladies!

This one has the usual rules, linking to those that gave it to you and passing it on being the most important parts - and I would like to pass it on especially to an "old" friend of a few months,

Daffy Tracey at Approaching 40

and a new friend,

Betsy of My Five Men

both of whom have warm, friendly blogs and warm, friendly personalities!


Sara said...

Congratulations on your do such a great job of displaying and talking about them. And, may I say, all very well deserved too.

I'm never quite up to that task.

I'm glad they arrived just when you needed the cyber hug...and consider yourself hugged by me too...your blog is entertaining and inspiring too.

daffy said...

one of these days I'm going to gather my awards and put them on show on the blog mantle. Until then, be sure to know that I am chuffed to bits to recieve this award and I love your blog too!
I know just who I will share it with. Awards are total smile givers that keep on giving!
Thanks and congrats to you on yours!

Charli and me said...

You are so sweet :>) Thank you for your kind words they mean so much to me. p.s. Your already on my blog roll. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Cherdecor said...

Thank you so much for the Tree of Happiness Award. I had to chuckle because I am a melancholy person. I really work at being happy but sometimes it is only through the power of the Holy Spirit who lives in me.

It blesses me that you are a child of God too and that we are sisters in Christ. We are family!

Thank you again for your kindness.
I truly appreciate it.

BTW, my son and his wife and those two boys are supposed to vacation in Charleston, SC beginning tomorrow. I am wondering how they are going to get there through all the rain from Hurricane Faye. They live in Atlanta. I am off to check their blog to see if they have made a decision.

Have a good evening.

Betsy said...

wow~! Congrats on all of these great awards! This is so fun! It's a neat way to encourage each other! You know, Aug 21st is a memorial day around here, too! So, big hugs to you! Thank you so much for thinking of me...I'll take my award with me and have fun passing it along! :)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Congratulations on your awards. They are well deserved.

nikkipolani said...

My, you've got quite the collection there! Well done, you! And thank you for passing on one of these to me. Hope you are drying out from Fay!

Merle said...

Dear Rosezilla ~~ Congratulations on all those lovely awards. You have done well displaying them etc. I am
so glad that Fay has left you without too much damage. You are well prepared for hurricanes as I guess you have to be.
Thank you so much for your comments about Choosing to be Happy. I like that idea and choose it every time.
Take care my friend, Love, Merle.

Ragged Roses said...

Congrats on all your very well deserved awards!

Sew Anyway said...

It was great to see all of your awards, all very well deserved! What a wonderful way to encourage and be encouraged. I sure am!

Seeing that you passed the "Perfect Blend of Friendship" award on to me, really brighten my day -- I am still smiling. Thank you my dear friend. I am truly blessed that you are my friend. I am glad that we can share our lives with others.

~Kathy xo

LOUISE said...

Many congratulations on receiving all these awards. So many for the mantelpiece! x

Lavinia said...

Congratulations on all your awards! It's a bonanza, and a very well deserved one. Well done!

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