Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Portrait of Four Sisters

(And now for a poem of more recent vintage...I wrote a picture! This poem is meant to be a portrait of four young sisters I know).

Annabelle is a red, red rose
Heart-shaped face
Small, straight nose
Petite in stature
Dainty dreamer
Quiet with a sweet demeanor

Nancy, All-American Girl,
Long, blond hair
Exquisite pearl
And rose complexion
Tall and graceful
Vibrant look of intelligent reflection

Miranda, mischief in her eyes, and
In her glance, romance
Snub nose, artistic hands,
Laughing lips
Tossing back her chestnut hair,
Her eyes dance

Serena, small and blond
With large, expressive eyes
Vivacious, fond
Of giggling, of playing,
Bubbly, effervescent
Little dimpled darling

Four sisters form a sweet bouquet
Rose and Pearl
And Mischievous Girl
Little One so full of fun
Blossoming forth, together they
Dance with joy in the warmth of the sun



Really clever. You certainly have talent when it comes to poetry. It would be lovely for these characteristics to be captured in a painting too. x

Rosezilla said...

Actually, the girl's mother was wishing she had a portrait of the girls. That's what prompted the "word portrait." I wish I could paint! But I can only paint with words, and we all know a picture is worth a thousand words!

angie said...

The poems that I write end up sounding more like something Dr. Seuss would write!

Your talent is much more meaningful! Keep it up!!

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What a lovely poem - sounds like it really captures the personality of each sister. No doubt they will treasure it for years to come.

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