Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Progress vs. Cows

The woods behind our neighborhood were long ago converted to cow pasture, but now a rather slow process has begun to upgrade pasture to a new neighborhood. The trees have all been removed and recently a lot of dirt was trucked in for a berm around the entire perimeter. They have been working very hard on it too, digging and piling the dirt with a small forklift type thing, then smoothing and shaping it with hand tools into a tall, sloping dirt barrier. There is still plenty of grass in the center, so someone let the cows back out to graze. The next time we checked, there were a dozen cows all together in one corner of the pasture, playing king of the hill on the nice, new berm! After they strolled around on top for awhile, they lumbered down the sides, evidentally deciding to save escaping with a quick hop over the fence for another day. I had to laugh because they reminded me of my friends and I when we were children, trying to sneak on construction sites to slide down the dirt piles. I could have given the work crew a heads up, though. The reason my back fence is just weeds now is because the cows ate all my morning glories!

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