Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Beginnings

Yesterday our youngest son moved out. Our baby has flown the nest. I had planned to drop him off and have a good cry. But I ended up spending the afternoon with him at his new digs, and by the time I left I had no desire to cry. He obviously enjoyed my company. But he also seemed so happy and relaxed in his new place and with the people he'll be rooming and working with, that it truly seemed like the best of both worlds. He'll be busy, happy and engaged, and then when we visit, he'll have all sorts of new things to tell us.

When I got home, our oldest was here for a visit, and later our middle son called. We enjoyed visiting with them. Then my husband and I spent a lovely evening and morning alone. It feels sort of like being honeymooners again, only richer, fuller.

It's sort of funny that people call this empty nesting, because when we were first married, we had a truly empty nest. No children whatsoever. Now we have children, and although they don't live here at the moment, they still fill our hearts and minds, and even house. It doesn't feel empty at all. It's full of so much. It's full of memories. It's full of their stuff, too! Often they come, which is lovely. But it is also full of possibilities, full of our love and laughter as we plan our future together again, but having filled the world with three wonderful young men!


nikkipolani said...

There's something about this entry that seems so sweet to me, Tracie. And how's your youngest doing now, nearly 6 months later?

Rosezilla said...

He's doing great, thank you for asking. I am planning his 19th birthday dinner in a couple of days. He has finished his missions training and is developing prayer and financial support partners at present. He's such a cool kid, gentle, sweet and funny.

Rosezilla said...

I meant to say "smart" instead of sweet!

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