Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Memorial Day Weekend & 21st Birthday of My Son

We had a fun four-day weekend! But the above darling little clothes actually have nothing to do with that. These are from a recent shopping trip extraordinaire! I am not particularly enamored with shopping. But I wanted to get something for the new little one heading our way. So when I got not one, but two $10 off coupons (one from J. C. Penney's and one from Kohl's), I decided to do a spot of shopping. As it turns out, both stores were having huge baby clothes sales! At Penney's I got the above "romper" for "Daddy's Little Princess," as well as a deep rose colored onesie and a soft bib. At Kohl's I found the darling red sweater/jacket over a polka dotted onesie, and it included a little pair of red pants with a pink flower on the back! The original prices would have made this about $45 - the sales made it more like $23 - with my two coupons, I paid roughly $3.00!!! Now that's the way to shop.

As for the weekend. Friday night hubby was able to get tickets to the dinner theater to see "Ring of Fire," the musical revue of Johnny Cash's music and life. We had seats right down front; the food was good (particularly the warm peach cobbler over vanilla ice cream), and the show was fantastic! My hands hurt the next day from clapping so much.

Saturday I spent the whole day cooking and baking for a special celebration that night. My youngest son, who spent the day playing video games with his father, turned 21 on Memorial Day. This year we celebrated on Saturday, so we avoided the unfortunate gaffe we made a different year. I don't remember which birthday it was, but we went all out and had a Pirate theme. His oldest brother took him to the movies and the middle son helped us make the front porch look like a pirate ship, put his gift in a little chest and buried it in the back yard, and wrote clues that sent him all over the yard to find it. In our enthusiasm, we even ran the Jolly Roger, procured at the flea market, up the flag pole. It wasn't until later that one of us realized it was actually Memorial Day! Oops! Anyway, this year we had a quieter dinner and party on Saturday. Sunday was nice, church and a quiet afternoon, while the son went to a party with his friends. And Monday, his real birthday, we all went to see Iron Man 2. Quite spectacular. I kind of liked Iron Man 1 better, but this one was definitely worth seeing on the big screen, and the guys liked it just as well as the first one.

I've also been exercising and losing weight (although this weekend was a bit off the reservation, what with the desserts at the dinner theater and the fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy and biscuits and apple pie and ice cream for the birthday party) - and oh, that reminds me, if any of you live far enough south to have a Publix, then you ought to know that for a limited time only they have brought back Tin Roof Sundae Premium Ice Cream, which is their best flavor EVER and which they inexplicably discontinued a few years back. I am also cleaning the outside of the house (and even, on occasion, the inside!), so that's what I've been up to, among a bunch of other stuff... how 'bout you guys?


jenniferw said...

I see your Memorial Day and birthday and grandbaby busyness and raise you significant Memorial Day and birthday and grandbaby busyness! LOL!

Our Erica turned 24 on Sunday ... so naturally we began partying on Friday morning and continued all the way through yesterday! Much fun was had by all ... even without hoisting the Jolly Roger on a solemn holiday meant to honor our glorious war dead!

I think enjoying being a free American with all the rights and privileges thereto appertaining can be the best way to celebrate Memorial Day ... as long as we take care to "on purpose" remember their sacrifices, which I'm sure you did.

You're going to have so much fun dressing that little girl. I have to stay away from the little girls' clothing at all the stores that I know have great selections and prices ... otherwise I'd buy clothes for Melanie and Allissa every time I left the house.

Good to see you back blogging again, Tracie!

Connie said...

it is hard not to buy adorable baby clothes!!! sounds like you have been busy having fun! I posted a few photos a friend took of my granddaughter on facebook...she really captured her personality. You will probably take a gazillion pictures of the little darling and I can't wait to see them :)

Sassy Granny ... said...

Tin Roof Sundae? I wasn't hungry until I read that part. Trouble is, there isn't any such thing here in Phoenix! Aargh !!!

I had such a difficult time NOT buying clothes for my grand-babies. I love your selections, and I'll just bet mommy will too.


Zuzana said...

Those clothing items are so cute, how exciting is it to be buying baby clothes.;)
Congratulations to your son, twenty one is such a sweet and innocent age, everything is about to begin...
That ice cream sounds yummy.;) I have gained weight instead of lost it, but then again, I like my curves.;)
Have a lovely week,

Louise said...

I'm all for a bargain too! Good to catch up on of your news. x

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