Tuesday, December 8, 2009

More Really Good Stuff

Good things happening! We've been decorating for Christmas. There was even a very obliging cold front that came in the day we put our tree up; it was all grey and overcast, rainy, windy and downright cold! Well, by our standards, anyhow. Probably because it was a change, it was lovely. It shouldn't be too hot to put up the Christmas tree, but many years it is. When you want a Slurpee afterwards, in front of a fan, instead of hot cocoa in front of a fire, you know you live in Florida! We actually got quite a lot of rain this weekend, which was a gift in itself. Great way to begin Brush Fire Season!

My Mother-in-Love and I went on our annual Shopping Trip with Lunch for my birthday. We had a great, girly-girl time and she bought me the loveliest outfit. She got an amazing silver jacket - I was calling it her Jetson's jacket - but she can totally pull it off. The woman's got style! She gave me good guidance, too, on fashion for ladies. I was pondering whether I could wear a certain, perfect outfit or whether I would get too hot, and she said, "Sometimes a lady just has to suck it up and be hot, if she looks good!" I love when the older generation teach the younger... like Aunt Ruth, who told me frequently (when she was in her 80s), "I won't worry! Worry causes wrinkles!" And my own mother, who always looks beautiful, told me once, "Do the best you can, then go eat chocolate." Works for me!

Thanks to all of you, especially Sara, who recommended Elizabeth Goudge. I am nearly done with "Valley of Song" which is simply enchanting! It is not easy to describe - the closest I could come might be to call it a fable - but it is charming and beautifully written, and I hope to go get another of her books at the library tomorrow.

My nieces have been taking ice skating lessons, which all by itself is pretty cool considering we live in southern Florida. They had a recital/show Sunday afternoon (lasted 3 hours!!!); it was a hoot. Like all recitals, there were lots and lots of tiny cherubs in darling costumes who performed all kinds of antics other than the ones they'd rehearsed. The show was perhaps a bit ambitious for the ones who could barely stand upright, actually. But unlike most recitals, there were also some amazing skaters whose names we will probably all be hearing before long. The show was based on movies, such as "Peter Pan," "Grease," "Annie," "The Sound of Music," and others, so (with the exception of "Annie") there was some really good music. And the coup de grace was Todd Eldredge! Not only did he perform, but he is going to be coaching here at our humble skating rink in between his own tours. Pretty cool! Unfortunately, one of my nieces sprained her ankle right at the end. She'll be alright, and she at least waited until she was done with both dance lessons and skating lessons. But I was sorry because I know it hurt.

Speaking of being hurt when it could be much worse, I do have something I am praising God for today. A very close friend of mine (since sixth grade!) has twin daughters; one of them was in a motorcycle accident yesterday. Someone pulled right out in front of her, and she had to lay the bike down. She skidded sideways and went right under a large pickup truck. But it never touched her. She has some painful road rash, some badly bruised bones in her foot, ankle and shin, and a few other cuts and bruises. But other than that, she is fine! Her mother, who has never been in favor of the bike, says God must have wrapped her in bubble wrap. The bike frame is bent, inexplicably. Her mother is even grateful for that, since presumably the bike cannot be ridden now. The other twin just got married - in a beautiful white dress and pink high-top tennis shoes! Tickled me.

Well, I have got to quit gabbing and go earn my keep, clean my house, and finish my library book. Until next time!


Sassy Granny ... said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we couldn't go to sleep at night until we'd written down at least 10 really good things about the day - sort of like God built it into the autonomic system?

Love your laundry list.


Protege said...

Beautiful post as always.;) I so wonder what your weather is like in the winter; most likely like our summer.
So glad your friends daughter is fine, what an ordeal...
I like what you mother said, I eat chocolate all the time.;)

Jenny said...

Ah! I hate motorcycles. There; I've said it. I know those who love to ride them enjoy it immensely, but I shudder to think how bad it can be -- and how quickly -- when something goes wrong. I'm so glad your friend's precious daughter is alright and I hope she does NOT get right up and back into the saddle!

Any Christmas program with children is enchanting.

And a cold, gray day in which to put up and decorate your Christmas tree? That's just divine. I'm so happy it worked out that way for you this year.

The high for today in Columbia is going to be in the mid-70s, so I feel your pain about the sweating and fanning. But it's a fluke; yesterday was cold and rainy, and tomorrow it'll be chilly again.

Love ya doll! Merry Christmas!

Connie said...

lovely post Tracie! thanks for sharing all your Christmas cheer and tidbits. Glad the one twin is okay...people don't watch out for motorcycles (sometimes they're hard to see) the Lord obviously has some other plans for her.

Susan said...

Wow - I want your mother in law! She sounds wonderful, and like you, I love when the older generation can impart wisdom to the younger. I'm sure you're just as much a blessing to her.
Happy (belated) birthday to you as well!!

Cherdecor said...

This post reminded me of my motorcycle accident when I was young. I came out unscathed too and I NEVER got on one again. I am glad that the girl was not badly hurt.

nikkipolani said...

How nice to catch up with you again, Tracie. That news about your friend's twin is amazing. I'm glad she's recovering with just those minor injuries.

Betsy said...

"Do the best you can, then go eat chocolate"...I love that! hee!

Sara said...

What a miraculous story, about the twin and the motorbike - wow!

I'm so thrilled that you enjoy Elizabeth Goudge's work! She is truly a treasure and you have a lot of wonderful reading ahead of you!

So, I'm interested to know which of her works you will read next?


Merle said...

Dear Tracie ~~ I am so glad your friend's daughter is getting well
after the accident. She was lucky.
Glad yo liked the albino peacock and the word alternative definitions.
Take care, my friend. Have a wonderful Christmas and may 2010 be a great year. Love, Merle.

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