Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Mother of the Groom is Back!

We are back from the most beautiful wedding I've ever attended. Visually, it was stunning, but I am talking about content here. There were opportunities to praise God together for blessing this young couple; the vows they wrote spoke of love being a commitment, not just an emotion; they had communion together and received a blessing on their marriage, as well as admonishment on what God expected of them according to scripture; and their care of and concern for their many guests was heart-warming.

When the cake was cut, they fed each other very gently, which I thought was sweet. (I was told that this ceremony symbolizes trusting each other and taking care of each other).
Since the groom is 6' 5" and the bride is 5' 2" the couple's first dance was a source of amusement, but it was also really sweet, and they looked tremendously happy together.
Then came the part where the mother of the groom (that would be me) dances with her baby boy. I thought I would be nervous, but once I was looking (wwwaaayyy up) in to my son's shining eyes, I forgot anyone else was in the room. I couldn't help thinking of when I used to stand him on my feet to dance, or later, when he was about 6 and loved to be a little gentleman and dance with me in the kitchen. I have to say I enjoyed this time thoroughly even if I can't dance - it just didn't matter. I got in a nice hug after, too.

Some of the wedding party managed to sneak out and adorn the car and the honeymooners left for the Canadian Rockies.


steviewren said...

Congratulations to the sweet couple! Two of my sons and my daughter are married. I have been blessed with two wonderful daughter in laws and one very nice son in law and through them 8 grandchildren. So take it from one who has been there...your blessings are just beginning.

But for now, sit down and put your feet up. I bet you need some rest!

jenniferw said...

Precious! Congratulations to all! I hope they will be very happy. I love what you said about what the cake feeding symbolizes. I am always dismayed and disturbed when a bride and groom get goofy with the cake. I do not approve of such behavior but until now I never knew why!

Betsy said...

Looks like so much fun! Love that shade of blue~

Connie said...

Sweetness!!! Loved all the photos here and there!

Cherdecor said...

Thank you for explaining the meaning of feeding each other cake. I never knew that! Welcome home!

Sara said...

That is so beautiful! Blessings to the new couple, and thank you for sharing a bit of their love with us.

I like your dress, by the way.

Protege said...

Congratulations! Weddings are magical occasions...
Love the first picture, it is so emotionally charged.;)

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

It sounds lovely and sweet and very meaningful. I'm happy it was such a wonderful occasion.

Susan said...

Congrats to you and to the happy couple! The ceremony sounds beautiful, and I like that they were gentle with the cake (I really dislike the current fad of smashing cake into each other's faces).

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

That made me tear up. There must be a real mixture of emotions for parents who watch their children get married. Well, congratulations to the happy couple! I hope they have only good times, good health and lots of prosperity. God bless. :)

Charli and me said...

What a wonderful and heart felt post. I will always remember the dance I had with my son at his wedding. It's unforgetable isn't it ♥ It sounds like the wedding was just lovely. That cake looks delicious!

Cathy said...

Hello there
Popped in to catch up while we are away enjoying the winter sunshine.
How I loved that image of the upturned head (and stretching neck) trying to look into the eyes of the young man who once rode your shoes in time to the music.
Enjoy this time of your life - its a great life to be living
Take care
Cathy - not missing the cold Melbourne weather one little bit lol

thedailydish said...


Looks like you've been enjoying summer too -- a well deserved break for us both.

Hope you have been writing.. Missing you lots..

Wish I could have dug into that delectable CAKE!!


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