Monday, May 18, 2009

Just Stuff

I had a splendid Mother's Day! First and foremost, all three of our "boys" (who are really men, but hey, I'm a Mom and they'll always be my boys), came over. We had a wonderful visit, both all together, and individually. We always have a great time when we get together, with lots of conversation and laughter. Then I always enjoy them individually as well. They are so unique and endlessly interesting. Our oldest son had Engagement photos to show us, that were just wonderful. I am putting my order in for several! He also gave me texting lessons, since I didn't have a clue. I'm really bad at it, as it turns out, but at least now I understand how to do it! You never know when I might need that information, and I appreciate the patient lessons. Then we had a good talk, which is a rare treat these days. I am so gonna miss him when he moves away to begin his married life.

Our middle son brought me some beautiful plants that I am so excited about! One is a Dipladenia, which I have been wanting for years, with big, pink, trumpet-shaped flowers. We got it planted yesterday, right where I can see it from the kitchen and back porch. There's another one with pretty, yellow flowers; I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it's beautiful. I love plants with yellow flowers. They are always just like sunshine. Hubby is making a special place for me to plant it in front of lattice. He (son) even brought a little pot of red gerbera daisies, that I'm keeping in my kitchen. They are so cheerful! He was the recipient of my practice texts, as well, and exhibited great patience with my silly messages. He is such a generous man.

Our youngest brought some beautiful Nepalese pottery. You light a candle in the bottom, and the little bowl in the top holds a scented cube (White Chocolate Berries! Smells heavenly). It went straight in to my new bathroom, for use during a leisurely bath. He was his usual cheerful, thoughtful self, which I find a very pleasant combination!

I am so proud of our boys, they are strong, sweet, intelligent, funny, amazing Christian men, and I love 'em to pieces. I am very happy and proud to be their Mother. I also enjoyed spending time with my own mother and my mother in law, both of whom I am cherishing more as the time with them grows shorter.

Thanks be to God, it is finally raining! It has been so, so dry. Spring is always dry, but they are saying this was the driest spring in 75 years, and everything has been screaming for rain. There have been such terrible fires, including the one above, behind the golf course and near the Nature Center, a few miles from our house. Roads have been closed, including major ones like Alligator Alley, which is the preferred route from the west coast to the east. Recently, when we were watering our poor, thirsty plants, hubby started noticing movement from every direction. To our amazement, small lizards began running over, along and beneath the fence, straight to the water. They were licking it off leaves and out of small puddles, and there were dozens of them. We've never seen that before! The summer rains are quite early this year, and we are very grateful. During the hot, humid days, the clouds gradually begin to build up larger and darker in the sky, until, with an impressive roll of thunder, the wind freshens and the rains come pouring down. I love storms, and I love the huge, fluffy clouds; I would be quite content in heaven just to float around on my own, special cloud for a few thousand years. For now, I'm content to watch them rolling lazily along above me, bringing the promise of much needed rain.


Protege said...

Having a wonderful family is the best thing in life. I can imagine how happy you were to spend some days with your sons.

I too love yellow flowers, any flowers actually.;)
I can imagine how dry it must have been when the lizards were suffering as well.

So your last story was fiction; it sounded totally like a real story.;))

Have a lovely Monday.;)

Islandsparrow said...

Glad you had such a lovely day with your "boys" - I know what you mean - mine will always be boys too :) My girl is heading back your way on Thursday. I think Florida will feel cool to her now - It has been 110-120 in New Delhi. I don't know how she will adapt when she gets back up north! We'll be so glad to see her again.

Cherdecor said...

Your flowers are lovely. You are blessed to have three wonderful sons who are good Christian men who love and respect their mother. YOu are blessed in deed.

rhymeswithplague said...

At least they were just lizards and not alligators banned from the alley.... :)

Connie said...

It is always a blessing to spend time with those we love!
We are getting bucket loads of rain but parts of the state are still in a drought. I watched the stormy weather as I was recovering from a small procedure (yesterday) and I found it to be so very relaxing.

Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Hi Rozey, If you happen to learn what the plant is in the photo, would you be so kind as to post it or let me know? It might be a ground cover? It could be the same type that my step mom gave me 25+ years ago to plant at our place in Jacksonville, FL. If you learn the name, I would like to plant it here. You can't kill it (if it's the same one)!

It's been dry here too but it's rained cats and dogs for two days. It's wonderful! I wish it would start raining on a regular basis like it used to.

Beverlydru said...

I'm hoping that you've had your share of the rains that have prevailed over our state this week. Much needed! Enjoy your weekend.

louise said...

It's going to be a warm and dry weekend here. I hope you have had more much needed rain. You did a good job with your boys. x

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